Why DRAGON E-cigs?

Because it’s the only one in the market similar a real cigarette…

New design soft, light weight and outstanding flavors, tobacco and menthol.

Has more than 500 puffs equals 2.5 packs and powerful 280mAh Lithium Ion Polymer Battery. 


The Best 5,000 puffs Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

This kit is designed for those who smoke about 2-3 packs a day

Two Extremely long-lasting Lithium Polymer Batteries, 280mAh

One pack of (11) extreme Soft cartomizers which will last you for a long time

Each Soft cartomizer offers about 500 puffs, approx. 3 packs of traditional cigarettes

Outstanding flavors, Marlboro, Tobacco and Menthol.

The kit also includes, (1) wall adaptor, (1) USB and (1) car charger, User Manual: 1pc

Limited (30) Days Money Back Guarantee on product satisfaction, (1) year product Warranty. Lifetime Guarantee on Lithium Ion Polymer Battery

The New Way of Smoking…

…Economic and Safe!

Prices $11.95 - $79.95

Phone: 787-272-6338

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