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The E-Cigarette-Forum or ECF is a very active online community for vapers, electronic cigarette suppliers, and those interested in the technology.  If you are looking for user feedback, than the E-Cigarette Forum is a good place to start.  However, it is very busy so find specific answers can take some time.

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 Great Forum, loads of info on everything, 05-13-2017 12:34AM

By: hashtagvapemail

This forum is really good, moderation is tight, and they've got so much information on vaping and ejuice in there. All aspects covered, it's a fantastic resource

 I'm new - what e-cigarette should I buy ?, 08-06-2012 01:57PM

By: swim

Please see:

Best E-Cigarette for a New User

Probably everything you need to know there, or in the other related pages. Once you have made a decision on what model to buy, come back to this forum and ask where the best deals are right now.

The refill liquid is probably just as important - it's best to buy several small sampler bottles, not one large bottle, because it is very likely that you won't like some or it will be the wrong strength.

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