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You will never find better prices for electronic cigarette products anywhere else in the world. We are the original inventor of the E-9 9mm and E-8 8mm two peice cartomizer style electric cigarette. We carry more unique styles of electronic cigarettes than any other distributor. This is the only place you will ever need to shop for all of your favorite e-cig products.

We have it all, E-cig batteries, e-cig cartridges and cartomizers, ecig atomizers. We carry the largest selection of E-juice E-liquid flavors available anywhere. We are the only E-Cigarette distributor that carries empty E-9 and E-8 cartomizers so that you can fill them yourself with your favorite flavor of Ejuice Eliquid.

We are the only manufacturer / Distributor that lets you choose your favorite battery color, battery tip color, LED light color and even customize the color of your cartridges / cartomizer.

Please visit: Electronic Ecig For all of your electric cigarette needs!

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 Awesome Experience, 08-06-2012 01:57PM

By: bustherh

I have ordered from this company 3 times so far and each time my package arrived in exactly 5 days without any problems at all.
I had ordered from some other company before and the product was junk and they made returning it a hassle.
This company is different, not only was the product very high quality but they have a great guarantee and a great return policy if you should need to do that.
The batteries that I purchased from them are the best batteries that I have ever tried. One battery lasts me more than half of the day and I smoke a lot in my office while I am working!
I ordered their sample box of 40 different flavors almost a month ago and I still have most of it left.
I can highly recommend this company to anyone who is interested in trying ecigs for the first time or even if you are very experienced, you will not be disappointed!
The prices really are the lowest in the world because you are buying directly from the manufacturer, cutting out the middle man. They also have wholesale prices available to the public which is cool because I am thinking about starting to sell these because it is a product that will save peoples lives!

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