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      True Vapor sells top quality e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. The new HV8 electronic cigarette is recognized as the best 2 piece e-cigarette available. They also offer other harm reduction and quit smoking products. They are known for giving away free copies of the most informative e-book about e-cigarettes called, "The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Cigarettes".


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Could Electronic Cigarettes End Second-Hand Smoke and Violence Against Smokers?


Clackamas, OR - April 30, 2011 – Violence broke out on April 20th in New Jersey because a man wanted to smoke a cigarette. When a man attempted to light up a cigarette on a city subway. A woman, who was a non-smoker, asked him to stop. The request led to an argument that escalated to physical violence. The confrontation ended with the man slashing the woman’s face with a pen.


The incident is indicative of how strongly both sides of the smoking issue feel about their position and offers a compelling argument in favor of a new device called an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette. These new devices are sold as alternatives to smoking tobacco cigarettes at online stores like;  Electronic cigarettes are a new option to smokers who want to eliminate most of the negative aspects of smoking. Because electronic cigarettes don't burn tobacco or produce chemical filled second hand smoke they eliminate one of the primary reasons cited by non-smokers for wanting to abolish smoking everywhere.


E-cigarettes look similar to traditional tobacco cigarette's and utilize a cartridge that delivers nicotine directly to the user in the form of vapor. They’re completely smokeless and powered by a small, rechargeable battery.


Vapor electronic cigarettes heat up a liquid that contains propylene glycol, water, flavoring, and nicotine. The user inhales the vapor for a dose of nicotine, this way the "smoker" get's the satisfaction and sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette without the deadly chemicals and additives.


Vapor cigarettes are environmentally friendly, containing none of the tars, carbon monoxide and other chemicals of burning tobacco. Virtually no odor of any kind is detectable with electronic cigarettes and the vapor produces no unpleasant smells of burning tobacco.


For those who aren’t familiar with electronic cigarettes, offers a free copy of “The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Cigarettes.” The downloadable eBook provides information and answers to help smokers make an informed decision on e-cigarettes. The site also contains videos and an informative blog.


Electronic cigarettes provide smokers with an alternative to traditional cigarettes without the risks of falling ash, fire and second hand smoke. Vapor cigarettes can be used in many places where traditional cigarettes have been banned. In an age where smoking is under attack and being banned in virtually every location, electronic cigarettes provide smokers with a way to "smoke" without arousing the ire of non-smokers that can easily lead to violence. E-Cigarettes may someday be a smoking cessation device.


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 Best e-cigarette avaliable, Great Support!, 08-06-2012 01:58PM

By: Nathan

The HV* is amazing. It can be a bit tricky to refill but once you get the hang of it there is no problem. http://www.TrueVapor,com is great and offer amazing customer support!

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