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EsmokerCanada Inc.
" is the original electronic cigarette and vape shop in Toronto and is located at 676 Yonge Street north of Wellesley. Founded in 2011 by two savvy business entrepreneurs in Toronto who wanted to raise awareness of a new and exciting alternative to smoking tobacco after they had personal success quitting a pack a day habit using electronic cigarettes.

Over the last 5 years, EsmokerCanada’s management has gained extensive knowledge about the industry and their products. Their involvement in the vaping community, combined with extensive research, experience and intimate understanding of personally battling a nicotine addiction has provided them with a unique understanding of what tobacco smokers need to successfully quit smoking tobacco using electronic cigarettes.

EsmokerCanada is committed to excellent customer service and offers a 30 day money back guarantee, a minimum 6-month warranty on devices, and FREE shipping anywhere in Canada on all purchases. Our wide selection of over 100 premium brand flavours of e-liquids consists of Mother Earth Organics, Dvine, Vintage, Premium Labs, Twelve Monkeys, Cosmic Fog, PurEliquid and others. We order brands and flavours that our customers request and would love to stock your favourites.

We also carry a wide selection of authentic name brand devices, including Aspire, Titan, Pax, Kangertech, Innokin, Sigelei, Joyetech, Eleaf, Smoktech, Cloupour, EgoEVOD and much more. Our selection of products and e-liquids is unparalleled in Toronto. With a complete array of high quality devices and complimentary products, EsmokerCanada has everything you need to make the switch to the vaping community. Start VAPING and stop smoking with the help of an EsmokerCanada Vaper Geek!

Come in and visit our FREE no obligation tasting station to sample the 100 different flavours and discover you’re favourite. Be sure to try the devices too!

At EsmokerCanada we feel it is important that our staff is considered Vaper Geeks because of their knowledge and experience, but we also require that they have an intimate understanding of tobacco cigarette addiction and how hard it is to quit using traditional methods. Consequently, our sales staff are all ex-smokers who used electronic cigarettes to quit. Many of the staff had previously used the patch, the gum, and the pills and even tried cold turkey, but failed again and again. They have felt hopelessly trapped and a slave of the tobacco cigarette addiction. We have all seen friends and family die from the diseases that traditional cigarettes have caused. Many studies are starting to be published informing the public that electronic cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes. Most recently Public Health England published a report that clearly stated their findings that electronic cigarettes were considered 95% safer than traditional cigarettes (

Your Vaper Geek staff member will work directly with you in order to find the right device and e-liquid combination to ensure your greatest chance of success of quitting traditional cigarettes. It is critical to the current tobacco smoker to get the right nicotine level, vapour, flavour, battery life and to produce the right “throat hit” in order to ensure their success is long-lasting. Your Vaper Geek will ask you questions about your current habits and make a professional recommendation that EsmokerCanada will stand behind.

Our Vaper Geeks love interacting with our more experienced customers looking for new e-liquid flavours and device upgrades, as well as our hobbyist who are looking for the newest and hottest devices. We offer a wide selection of authentic brand name electronic cigarettes, mods, vaporizers and premium brand name e-liquids with over 100 delicious flavours to choose. "

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