Huffle Puff Vapes E-Cigarettes & Liquids

Huffle Puff Vapes E-Cigarettes & Liquids

What Makes You Different?

Our liquids are engineered and produced by a Food Scientist in a clean room environment. Each bottle is carefully made to order with precise measuring equipment. The nicotine level of our liquids is tested for accuracy. We are in this business to help people quit smoking and to improve their health. We don't just throw some stuff together in a back room like our competition! We are always here to help and welcome you to ask as many questions as you like to feel safe and comfortable with all of our products!

Will Switching To Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs) Save Me Money?

The average cigarette contains roughly 18-26mg of nicotine, but only 0.8-1.1mg of that nicotine is delivered when you burn and inhale it. If you quit in favor of our Electronic Cigarettes, for every 18-26mg of nicotine vaporized, 10-18mg of nicotine will be delivered! This means that every 10ml bottle of refill liquid (E-Juice) is equal to more than an entire carton of cigarettes and in some cases more than 25 packs worth! That 10 ml bottle costs less than even the cheapest single pack of cigarettes! That is an incredible money saver! For a pack-a-day smoker this equals over $2,000/year in total savings at current cigarette prices. When is the last time you got a discount like that on cigarettes?

Will Switching To Electronic Cigarettes Improve My Physical & Mental Health?

Not only does it lighten the financial strain of smoking, but quitting also improves your health by eliminating all of the nasty chemicals and carcinogens! It removes the awful smell from your hair and clothes and saves your teeth and fingers from yellow stains. Your shortness of breath will be gone in a matter of days! You'll be smelling and tasting things that you may have never noticed before! You'll also notice the flavors of our refill liquids will be much brighter and more interesting!

Will Switching To Electronic Cigarettes Be A Safe & Effective Way To Quit Smoking?

All of our refill liquids are proudly produced by me, right here in Madison, Wisconsin! I use only locally sourced, food safe materials which are fully Kosher, organic and USP approved. Our nicotine is produced in the USA by the only GMP Licensed and FDA inspected plant in the world! There are no additional chemicals used to produce all of the wonderful flavors we offer. You won't find another company offering that sort of quality and versatility. We are also highly competitive with our pricing and usually match or beat the Chinese import prices seen on all of the other websites and at vape shops around the U.S.

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