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Knoxville Vapor is your premier source in East TN for E-cigarrette and e-liquid refills and quality parts and accessories. Located in the heart of the smokies we can ship to your door for next day delivery.

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 Fantastic Beyond Expectations, 12-15-2013 06:57PM

By: Ben

The owners of this store have gone out of their way to help answer my questions (allergy related) and find information when no one else would. They have kept me aware of any changes, and any updates to e-liquids that don't include my particular allergens. Every time I have entered the store I've been warmly greeted and helped with all my questions and concerns. The prices were lower than I expected, the selection of e-liquids is vast, and the atmosphere is closer to that of a cigar lounge - VERY inviting. I have been a customer now for about two months and have met several other happy, satisfied customers and I have already turned several of my friends on to e-cigs and have always recommended this store as being friendly, knowledgeable, and very economical. It's a bit of a drive for me, as I live on the far West end of town, but it is always worth the drive to see what new flavors are available and talk to the friendly staff. If you need advice on anything from battery life to cleaning your vaping equipment, they are a great resource. I know I could order from their website and save some gas, but I wouldn't get that local business flavor that is worth its weight in gold - not to mention I can't sample the flavors online. For a family owned store they do it right. Thanks to Terri and Bill for helping me time and time again.

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 Beware, and find somewhere else, 12-14-2013 08:24PM

By: BA0701

I recently switched to e-cigs, and my first purchase was made from Knoxville Vapor. My initial interaction was with the husband/Owner, who was very cordial and came across as genuine. He explained to me that he provided a 30 warranty on all of his products, but in certain cases, and for certain products, he would even extend that to 60 days. Seemed like a place I wanted to do business with.

I quickly upgraded from the entry level starter kit, to a mod, and after doing that I have not smoked a real cigarette in almost 3 months, and not so much as had a craving for one.

But, and this is a huge BUT, the wife/owner then began running the shop. This is where things go immediately downhill fast. She is rude, uncaring, and immediate to blame the customer when they come in with malfunctioning equipment. I brought in a leaking tank that I had for less than 2 weeks, well within the 30 day warranty I was told I had. As soon as I explained the problem, she began looking at me as if I was trying to get one over on her, asking me all sorts of accusatory questions, as if I was the cause of a tank that was leaking from an area where the attached, (and non-removable) tip was connected. Only way I could have broken this, is if I ran it over with my car. After this, I made several trips to the store to buy e-juice, and each time I was told they either were out of the kind I was looking for, and in some cases were no longer going to carry it because it was "not popular enough". Every one of these interactions with her, she has an extremely rude attitude towards the customer, blaming them each and every time for "user error" when something they bought from her store does not work correctly. Her words, not mine. I have heard her getting a nasty attitude towards her own employees as well, speaking down to them, with a very condescending attitude.

Repeat business, in this case returning customers buying e-juice and accessories, is the end goal for the business, or at least if you want to succeed it has to be. People buying their initial starter kit from you and walking away will not keep you in business, but their monthly, or weekly e-juice, battery, etc... purchases will. This is what you are after. In regular cigs, you might smoke Camel no filters, but if you go to any convenience store USA, they will have them, maybe selling two packs a week, but they keep them on hand, because not everyone will smoke the same thing. To turn away returning business because you do not want to carry the e-juice that they prefer, is extremely poor business sense, and is actually counter productive to a successful business model in a business such as this.

I have since found a couple of other local shops, still trying to figure out which one I will go to most often, but they are 100x better than this place. Professional, helpful, and friendly. Do some research, and find the right place for you, but whatever you do, do yourself a favor and steer clear of Knoxville Vapor.

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