Smarty Q - The Chic E-cigarette

Smarty Q - The Chic E-cigarette
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Smarty Q is a socially responsible company based in England and pioneering in electronic smoking products.

From its creation in 2010 the team behind Smarty Q has been researching the possibility of a chemical-free alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and is currently manufacturing ground breaking electronic smoking devices.

As former smokers and after testing different types and brands of electronic cigarettes it appeared obvious to develop an electronic cigarette more effective long term and easy to use every day.

That is how SMARTY Q BLACK was born, an efficient model, strong, chic and safe.

If you smoke a pack a day, switching to SMARTY Q BLACK can save you up to 70% off the usual cost of cigarettes.

E-cigarettes like SMARTY Q BLACK are 1000 times safer than smoking traditional tobacco products (according to the Boston University school of public health study and others available on our website). There is still nicotine, but other harmful chemicals like tar are not found in SMARTY Q BLACK.

At Smarty Q, we make your health and your safety a priority. We select our liquid nicotine from a recognized manufacturer that uses natural tobacco leaves as a base and we work together hand in hand to always bring you the best quality available on the market. All our products that contain liquid nicotine have been medically tested and officially approved.

Your electronic cigarette Smarty Q is waiting for you! Save up and feel healthier now!


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