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We built our company because we knew we could sell a quality product that we truly believe in.
Our team only sells the finest quality of ecigs, accessories and liquid on the market. Over the last 4 years as smokers we were in search of a product that is easy to use and cost effective to help us quit smoking chemical filled cigarettes.
We tried ecigs that the liquid leaked when smoking or in the pocket, the atomizer only lasted days or became quickly gummed up by liquid that cost an arm and leg, battery quality was horrible having to recharge 3-4 times a day. The list goes on and on. Simply put, the ecigs just didn't pull or simulate smoking a real cigarette without the harsh chemicals.
Frustrations continued to skyrocket. All of these problems deterred us from quitting smoking real cigarettes, but we didn't give up. We kept testing different products out there on the market. Now after our years of painful trial and error, we have found THE products.. Excellent for everyday use, durable, easy to use and cost effective. We created our company to share our knowledge and make the process for other smokers to switch to the ecig an easy and pleasurable experience.
We have already done the hard part for you of finding the easiest to use ecig that is great on the wallet. Buy from us and become a satisfied carefree ecig vaper!

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