Tank e-Cigarettes and Vinirette® Liquid

Tank e-Cigarettes and Vinirette® Liquid

Vinirette UK - Liquid made in Germany!

VINIRETTE is a German supplier and manufacturer in the field of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids for more than four years. On our UK online shop www.vinirettestore.eu/uk we offer eGo-T and vGo-T e-cigarette kits in different colours, eGo-T+C (replacement) atomizers, clearomizers, cartridges and many other parts and accessories for end customers, retailers and wholesalers in the UK.

Inimitable and tasteful: Our own Vinirette® liquid impresses by its first-class quality, pure tastes and a wide selection of over 50 delicious flavours on the basis of four selectable tobacco tastes and five nicotine strengths from 0mg to 25mg. It is made in a German laboratory acc. to high quality standards and with 100% Germany sourced ingredients.

Acquire a taste for it and see for yourself!

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