The Best Electronic Cigarette Brands And Coupons

The Best Electronic Cigarette Brands And Coupons

E Cigarette Reviews - How Many Do You Need To Read

The tide is turning; traditional cigarettes have had their day. They are being replaced by the modern cleaner, safer alternative; the electronic cigarette.
We all know this is happening and we all deep down inside of ourselves know the reasons it is happening. So why then do we feel the need to look for reviews of e cigarettes telling us what we already know? 
Why don't we just get on with it and change?
Well a lot of it is just inertia, the natural human resistance to change in any aspect of our life. The fear of the unknown. Not many people like to be a guinea pig for new and relatively untested technology. But e cigarettes are not at that stage anymore, the tipping point is coming and one day soon they will become the predominant method for delivering our tobacco 'hit'.
If you read any number of e cigarette reviews it becomes very obvious quite quickly that they have numerous advantages over traditional cigarettes.
The first and probably most important advantage is that they are almost certainly healthier. Not as healthy as giving up completely you understand, but relatively so. This is due to there being more natural ingredients such as tobacco in them and less man-made chemicals and additives in there.
They are also demonstrably cheaper. Obviously not as an initial purchase but with each e cigarette lasting a relatively longer time before needing a refill, the long term costs tend to work out cheaper. Depending on the numbers of traditional cigarettes that you are smoking now then the cash savings can be quite considerable.

Some e cigarette reviews have put this cash saving at around $2000.

That is not an inconsiderable sum and can be quite an incentive to give the electronic cigarette a try. Another feature commonly expressed in reviews is that certain e cigarettes can be smoked indoors in certain locations. Now a lot of people actually enjoy having to go outside for a smoke. It is often a good excuse to take a break at work or maybe to meet other smokers in a social situations.
But if it is nasty weather. If it is cold or raining or late at night maybe when you really don't want to go outside but at the same time you are still desperate for a smoke. It is at precisely these sorts of times when an e cigarette can be a godsend. Sit indoors in the comfort and warmth and smoke away.
It already seems a completely different time and place when that was allowed doesn't it?
To sum up, traditional cigarettes have almost had there day. The modern version of the cigarette has so many advantages that it is hard to argue against. 
If you read the reviews already out there for the e cigarette or even talk directly to people that you may know who have already made the switch then it seems very unlikely you will find anyone who thinks that they have made a mistake.
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