STOP SMOKING! Switch, to Digital Hits!!

STOP SMOKING! Switch, to Digital Hits!!

HOURS:  Su: 12p-7p, M-Th: 12p-8p, F&Sa: 12p-2a, Closed Major Holidays)

10% off in store for all Veterans, Active Duty Military, and Service Industry!!

CONSIDER THIS:  A one pack a day smoker spends about $2,200 per year on cigarettes. The initial investment for vaping is around $60-$100 for the hardware (lasts about a year), and then about $25-$30/month for eliquid & consumables. That's about $460 (top end).

Switching over to vaping saves about $1,740 every year (double that for a two pack a day smoker, or if you live in NY)!!!

Vaping could afford you the money to take a nice two week vacation every year (like Limp Bizkit says...just think about'll get it.) don't stink anymoreyour car doesn't stink anymoreyour teeth don't get stainedyou can't burn holes in anythingdisgusting ashes aren't everywhereyou're not inhaling ~4,000 cancer causing carcinogens and fact, you are literally inhaling water vapor and nicotine, that's it!!!you don't feel like a social outcast in public (people actually approach you to learn more and encourage you!!)

Not to mention guys - beautiful women (or hot men, depending on which team you play for) will flock to you!!

Okay, so the last one might be a stretch, but all the rest is true!!

What are you waiting for?! 

"Make The Switch...To Digital Hits!!"®



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