It is no secret that smoking is probably one of the most harmful habits that anyone can have 
Passive smoking is now considered to be a very real health risk
Succesive Governments are passing ever more stringent anti-smoking laws
The cost of smoking is increasing significantly each year
You have probably tried cutting down , patches , gum , tablets , cold turkey . Yet all you can think about is your next cigarette !
At last a product that can mimic not only the look and feel of your cigarette but it gives you the nicotine 'hit' that you need but in a harmless water vapour that you inhale just like a normal cigarette .
Legal to use indoors and the cost savings are unbelievable 
We have customers who have told us that this is the first time that they have genuinely felt that a product has allowed them to stop smoking but don't just take our word for it - follow the blog of one of our own customers as she follows her very own journey -www.laura-stop-smoking.webs.com
In a range of flavours and strengths you can cut down at your own pace .
Dont delay - this could be the most important decision you take 

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