Ippuku E-cigs and Organic E-Liquids

Ippuku E-cigs and Organic E-Liquids


Have you wondered where all the e-cigs with style are?


Everybody is switching over to electronic cigarettes. Without a doubt, they are the future. But we see a lot of things in the business that we don’t like. 


Disposable e-cigs? Doesn't that go against the whole point in the first place? We think so, and that's why we provide electronic cigarettes that are rechargeable and refillable. 


Propylene glycol liquids? A synthetic base found in many other liquids that can cause a variety of allergic reactions. That's why every single liquid we sell is vegetable glycerine based.


We’re proud to say we offer only 100% USDA certified ORGANIC nicotine liquids, as well as only the finest quality electronic cigarettes and vaporizing devices around. But it goes deeper than that. We here at Ippuku believe we can make a big change in the world. We want to greatly reduce the amount of waste that smoking generates, and help reduce some of the harmful effects that smoking can cause to your body. On top of that, we want you to look damn good doing it.


That's why we provide you the most luxurious and high-class electronic cigarettes on the market. We believe simplicity is a strong suit, that’s why we sell only two models, the Ippuku Pulse and the Ippuku Catalyst. Both models are sturdy and built to last, and their performance is second to none.


We offer 20 delicious nicotine e-liquid flavors, from chocolate and nutty flavors, to sweet and tangy fruit flavors, and some that defy classification. We even have a great tobacco flavor in case you're skeptical about the whole flavored thing (though, we assure you our flavors are the bomb).


We want to help make the switch from smoking cigarettes as easy as possible, and getting started with us is a breeze. So scroll up and choose between the Pulse and the Catalyst, add it to your shopping cart, and go to the Liquid Flavors page and pick out a bottle or five. As soon as you do, we'll put it in a fresh cardboard box and send it straight to your door.

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