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Vapor Tek USA was established as a result of me & my family wanting to quit smoking traditional cigarettes & and/or using any other traditional tobacco related product. This effort resulted in considerable research to ascertain the pros & cons of vaping verses smoking cigarettes. What we found was e-cigs are Cleaner than traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes don’t produce smoke because they don’t burn anything. There are no unpleasant “smoking” fumes, no tar, bad odors, or dirty ashtrays. Plus, using an e-cigarette won’t stain your fingers and teeth.


Another thing that became immediately clear was that E-cigarettes cost less than traditional cigarettes. In short amount of time the cost of getting started with e-cigs will almost immediately be saved in the difference between the costs of using traditional tobacco products.


My first kit, at the suggestion of my father, was a Biansi Imist! (We offer these) These kits are an e-cig system kit of remarkable quality. My father has been using the same Biansi Imist kit for over 6 months and has not had the first problem. By the way, my dad smoked all his life and now only vapes.


Since there were no “store front” retailers in my immediate area it became apparent that my own purchases would be made via internet. In doing so I started looking for ways to cut my cost even further and found a number of suppliers that could offer good prices by ordering in bulk ---- and from that “Vapor Tek USA” was born. I knew right away that I could develop an honest business and offer reasonable cost savings to our customers. We're Christians, and we run our business on Christian principles. We will run our business in harmony with God's laws, and our goal is to focus on people more than money.


The bottom line, I have personally experienced the positive effects that e-cigs have had on my friends and family and I want to offer YOU that same opportunity and at an affordable price.


I hope that you take the time to explore our page and find a product that will best suit your needs. For some time into the future Vapor Tek USA will partner with some of the finest e-liquid manufacturers in the business. We have taken extensive measures to speak with these manufacturers and ensure that quality products will be delivered to you, our customer, in a timely manner. Rest assured, you will not go away dissatisfied with our products nor our partnership with other companies.


It is our mission to be a One Stop Vape Shop for you!



Happy Vaping and we look forward to serving you as our customer.


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